Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Few Plugs

Most of you don't need me to tell you how great these blogs are, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Under "links" at the left you'll see these blogs.

American Testament is run by a young acquaintance of mine and deals mostly with the Book of Mormon. It is a great blog with some great insights. I highly recommend it.

Lehi's Library is a great blog that deals with all different kinds of apologetic and scholarly research. It is very good!

Life on Gold Plates is an insightful commentary on the Journal of Discourses by a friend who is working his way through the 26 volume set.

Temple Study is a fascinating blog about the temple and its connections to ancient traditions and practices throughout the world. It is very insightful.

There all of the links I've put up I think are valuable blogs that I frequent. Please check them out! I'm sure each of the authors will appreciate your visit.


Bryce Haymond said...

Thanks for the plug Andrew!

Unknown said...


Andrew I. Miller said...

It's not like I get much traffic, but what I do get I'll try to send your way too.

Steve Smoot said...

Thanks for the plug, Andrew. I appreciate it!!

Steve Smoot

Evgenii said...

I like your blog and thank you fore the reference to other great blogs. I'm putting you on mine as well to direct people your way. Your post on the Telestial Kingdom was very insightful.

Andrew I. Miller said...


Neat blog! I added you to my links.

I see you're an immigration attorney. You don't need anyone who is fluent in Spanish in your workplace, do you? :) I'm almost done with my MA in Spanish.

Evgenii said...

Thanks Andrew for the plug. I am in Phoenix and we are actually downsizing a little. Unfortunately without a JD you probably wouldn't be able to do more than Paralegal work at a law firm. That being said, I did see an advert from the Alcala Law Firm in Murray, that does immigration, that they are looking for a Spanish speaking attorney. You could drop them a line and see if they need a PL if you are ok doing that. The website is www dot visausa dot com. If you are more flexible in moving around the country, there are many more firms looking for PL's. Mine is looking for them in San Diego and Chicago, but they want two years of experience. If you are interested in generaly in doing that, email me at hbenson at fragomen dot com. I can give you an idea of what a PL makes a year and other HR info.

Andrew I. Miller said...


Thanks for the info!

Rosalie Erekson Stone said...

Thanks so much for the links to some great blogs. I'm gradually checking them out and adding them to my Google Reader so I can see when there are new posts.